Whatever happened to Kristy Thomas?

Kristy was always a leader and that drive lead her to become one of the top advertisin executives in a Miami agency. She moved there to be closer with her father in college and took up with a model, Rafeal. The two have been together now for eight years, but the relationship isnt a good one. Kristy has an addiction to popping pills, any pills, an addiction that Rafeal feeds. This happened after her father died, followed by her mother. She did clean her act up briefly upon finding out she was pregnant, but decided she was unfit to be a mother and gave the baby up for adoption.

She only keeps in touch with Mary Anne at this point, and the two often enjoy weekends fueled by pills, booze and dancing when Mary Anne is able to visit. 

Whatever happened to Mary Anne Spier?

Mary Anne moved to New York City to attend NYU and eventually obtained a nursing degree after exploring a few other avenues. Mary Anne ended up coming back to Stoneybrook to take care of her ailing father after her mothers death. She married a local man, Tim Evans, and had three children. Mary Anne was happy and content with her life until one day she realized she really wasn’t living, but simply existing  She started to drink, privately. She has kept her drinking problem hidden for years now but its the only thing that gets her through the day - until Logan ended up moving back to town.

The two entered an affair and Mary Anne felt for alive than ever before, however it all vanished when Logan realized that she would never leave her husband as she liked living a picture perfect from the outside perspective life. Mary Annes drinking increased and she ended up getting a DUI one night, but had sex with the officer to get out of the ticket. 

Whatever happened to Stacey McGill?

Stacey loved boys, especially older ones. She secretly had a fling with the much older Luca when we last saw her and that eventually landed him in jail as she was a minor. She stuck by him until he cheated on her with a teenager when she was in her 20’s. Stacey became an accountant at a large corporation as she was always good at math. She dated a corporate lawyer for a few years but hid that she was diabetic, as she was still ashamed of it. Her lies caused him to leave her. Stacey’s next boyfriend also didnt know and on a weekend ski trip Stacey forgot her insulin but was desperate to keep her secret for reasons nobody understands. This lead to her falling over and getting cut on an old pieve of glass in the cabin, landing her in the ER after a few days but it was too late as she went septic and died. Her death brought everyone back together at the funeral though. 

Whatever happened to Dawn Schafer?

Dawn ended up going to UCLA where she studied feminism and psychology before going to Harvard to obtain a masters degree in child developmental where she met Lauren Wallace, a professor  The two dated for six years and everyone was shocked that Dawn was a lesbian and some were hurt she hid it. Dawn let them know that wasnt the case and she just didnt really realize it until college. Now single, Dawn moved home to help out Mary Anne who was having a hard time dealing with everything going on in her life. Dawn realized after living with Mary Anne that she always had feelings for her but opted to move out on her own as opposed to deal with them or make things awkward. She has adopted two children and now writes parenting books. 

Stoneybrook, CT is still as dramatic and shocking as ever! Its been 20 years since TBSC movie and its time to catch up with our favorite group of friends.

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