Whatever happened to Stacey McGill?

Stacey loved boys, especially older ones. She secretly had a fling with the much older Luca when we last saw her and that eventually landed him in jail as she was a minor. She stuck by him until he cheated on her with a teenager when she was in her 20’s. Stacey became an accountant at a large corporation as she was always good at math. She dated a corporate lawyer for a few years but hid that she was diabetic, as she was still ashamed of it. Her lies caused him to leave her. Stacey’s next boyfriend also didnt know and on a weekend ski trip Stacey forgot her insulin but was desperate to keep her secret for reasons nobody understands. This lead to her falling over and getting cut on an old pieve of glass in the cabin, landing her in the ER after a few days but it was too late as she went septic and died. Her death brought everyone back together at the funeral though. 

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Stoneybrook, CT is still as dramatic and shocking as ever! Its been 20 years since TBSC movie and its time to catch up with our favorite group of friends.

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