Whatever happened to Mary Anne Spier?

Mary Anne moved to New York City to attend NYU and eventually obtained a nursing degree after exploring a few other avenues. Mary Anne ended up coming back to Stoneybrook to take care of her ailing father after her mothers death. She married a local man, Tim Evans, and had three children. Mary Anne was happy and content with her life until one day she realized she really wasn’t living, but simply existing  She started to drink, privately. She has kept her drinking problem hidden for years now but its the only thing that gets her through the day - until Logan ended up moving back to town.

The two entered an affair and Mary Anne felt for alive than ever before, however it all vanished when Logan realized that she would never leave her husband as she liked living a picture perfect from the outside perspective life. Mary Annes drinking increased and she ended up getting a DUI one night, but had sex with the officer to get out of the ticket. 

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Stoneybrook, CT is still as dramatic and shocking as ever! Its been 20 years since TBSC movie and its time to catch up with our favorite group of friends.

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