Whatever happened to Kristy Thomas?

Kristy was always a leader and that drive lead her to become one of the top advertisin executives in a Miami agency. She moved there to be closer with her father in college and took up with a model, Rafeal. The two have been together now for eight years, but the relationship isnt a good one. Kristy has an addiction to popping pills, any pills, an addiction that Rafeal feeds. This happened after her father died, followed by her mother. She did clean her act up briefly upon finding out she was pregnant, but decided she was unfit to be a mother and gave the baby up for adoption.

She only keeps in touch with Mary Anne at this point, and the two often enjoy weekends fueled by pills, booze and dancing when Mary Anne is able to visit. 

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Stoneybrook, CT is still as dramatic and shocking as ever! Its been 20 years since TBSC movie and its time to catch up with our favorite group of friends.

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